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 Suggestions: How It Works

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PostSubject: Suggestions: How It Works   Mon 29 Jul - 23:36

The developers of Pharaoh are very interested in getting suggestions from the players.  Matter of fact, they are so interested in making the game something you will love that they are offering rewards for suggestions that can be implemented into to game!!

So if you have an idea to improve the game, new item for the market, new game modifier, etc. this is the place to get in touch with them.  

The rewards could be any of the following:

  • 1,000 Stones for game play implementation
  • 100-500 stones for new market item.

Please note that the above rewards are just an example and not a promise of reward.  Each suggestion that is implemented will be rewarded by the Developers and is the choice of the Developers.


So you have a great suggestion and have decided that you want to submit it to the Devs for consideration. Just how do you get it to them?

Here's how:

  • Start a new topic in the Game Suggestions Forum.
  • Title your post with an easy to find name (ie, New Troop: Anubytes)
  • Post what the change is: Market Item, Modifier, Troop, etc.
  • Give a detailed description of what the suggestion does (ie, troop stats, bonuses, etc.)
  • Post the reasons that you think the suggestion should be implemented (ie, promote wars, etc.)
  • Prepare for discussion, questions, etc. from players and Devs.

Remember, our devs are very busy. Although they are here on the boards, they may not be able to respond right away. This doesn't mean that they aren't interested. So don't be in a rush to get a response. Give it some time and remember, it's here and can be seen 24hrs/day. Very Happy 
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Suggestions: How It Works
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