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 How to Report an In-Game Issue/Bug

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PostSubject: How to Report an In-Game Issue/Bug   Tue 30 Jul - 1:07

Have a game issue?
Something not working right?
This is the place to post it.  

Make sure you post as much detail as you can as well as a screenshot if available.
Also remember that even though it may seem like a quick fix, it could be buried within millions of lines of code that the devs must search through to find.

If you don't know how to get or post a screenshot, you can go to this topic to learn how.

Here are a few things to help you describe a bug or issue:

  • What is your in-game name? (Ahhotep)
  • What OS & Browser are you using: (Windows7, Chrome)
  • When did you first notice the issue/bug? (August 29, 2013 @ 2:30pm EST)
  • What is the bug/issue? (can't train Onagers.)
  • What were you doing when you noticed the bug? (sending a march, training, etc.)
  • What steps did you take to get the issue/bug? (Clicked on Train, then onangers, added the number to Train, clicked train and then the page refreshed)

This gives you some indication of what the devs need to know in order to find the issue.
You can copy and paste the list below to help your report.

In-Game Name:
Date of Issue:
Steps to Recreate:

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How to Report an In-Game Issue/Bug
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