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PostSubject: curious   Wed 7 Aug - 18:17

Came here cuz kofc sucks butts and will mentioned it, I just have two questions currently

1 does this game have an end game?
2 does this have the same combat system (minus the diff of like atker having round 1)?
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PostSubject: Re: curious   Thu 8 Aug - 0:57

The game doesn't end and it does have a combat system, but the engine is different from KoC.

From what I know, the troops are similar, however there are many modifiers put into place that range from items you can purchase or win, wars, number of attackers from the same alliance, etc.

Unlike KoC, it will take multiple attackers to "clean" someone out or base them. While farming will be almost impossible, Pharaoh's engine and mods almost require a faction (alliance) to work together for just about everything.

Here are the last updates I have on the engine:


Scouts (fastest)
Nubian Militia (2nd fastest)
Heavy Cavalry
Light Cavalry
Ballista (only movable siege)
Heavy Chariot
Medium Chariot (Javelin)
Light Chariot (Archer)

Wall Defense:

Onagers (think immovable catapults)
Spiked Barriers


Troop training speed will be approx 6 times the speed in KoC (about 200k HC in 14hrs with 5 cities)


Game will send out 3 alerts/triggers to defending player (Attack Incoming, etc.)
Attackers always get first strike

All troops have a natural counter

Heavy Chariot:Infantry/chariots/siege
Medium Chariot:HC/Cavs/Heavy Chariot/minor damage to infantry
Light Chariot:infantry (pike)
Spiked Barriers:Ballistae
Heavy Cavalry:Nubian Militia

Layered Defense is vital:

kill order: Scout> Nubian Militia> Pikes> Ponies> Archers> onagers> siege
minimum of 4-6m scouts is recommended by devs for defense (scouts can repel any attack with the right numbers)
Use Nubian Militia as buffer to whittle down incoming attack
Nubian Militia will take down a scout barrier


6m scouts will wipe 100k HC, but must be prepared for 2nd wave. (if scouts are wiped, wave will hit MM and on down the line)

** Where do Chariots fit in? **

- Chariots are own troop type and should be either before or after ponies on speed


Reinforcement will show on scout reports; only amount and who, not troop type
Reinforcements will assist in city defense regardless of troops count differences.
every defended attack will end in troop loss on both sides.
Losses while reinforced will be based on percentages. This means that if you receive reins of HC to assist your HC, you will ultimately lose less overall instead of losing reins first. (defender has 300k HC and 12x reins of 100k HC, overall loss will be 10k HC each for all; whereas if only 2 rein, each would lose 50k. this means the more people that rein, the less everyone loses.)
Reinforcing also provides honour (reining players will receive about 2/3 of the attackers honour when reinforcing; defender gets 1/3 honour)


Note from Devs: "they will have to flush their scouts or set the city to not defend to save them. or rein from another city and set main to not defend wth just a few scouts, but if u send the scout right behind them you'll get the scout on them"

Scouts will be quickest like KoC


Scouting will be vital and quick.
Scout Reports will show Reinforcements number and player, but not type
Minimum 10k troop march
Minimum attack time is 3min 10 secs regardless of distance.
Basing players is possible, but not easy and will most often require 3-4 people to accomplish
Longest march possible is 34 minutes.
Attacks result in honor, honor is permanent
Marches can not be recalled
Resources will be looted in this order: bronze first - then stone, then wood, then food
Incoming tower report will not list chariot type, but will list general Chariots on the alert.

** scout report example: **


Various combinations of troops will provide players with a bonus.


if u send 10k warchariots, that should decimate a large amount of scouts, as scouts are the first to engage
5k spike barriers should murder 50k HC and 75k LC


Faction banners will be used to show Faction pride!!! After war, winning alliance will own the losing faction banner for 1 week.
Valor/Honour ratios to determine winner (the ratio will balance the losses as though both alliances are the same size. see example below)

Valor/Honour Ratio Examples:

100 of them clip ur faction for 20million might, if 20 of urs clip their faction by 7 million might. We times ur total by 5 based on ur faction group number (100/20=5 base modifier) and u would be the winner, as technically u would have taken 35million might had u been a 100 man alliance.


Factions during Beta are limited to 25-30 players per alliance. This max number will change to 100 players per alliance upon public launch.
Faction and Global chat (Screenshot:
Faction will get bonuses from wilds. The larger the alliance, the more wilds it will require to get/maintain daily bonuses. (Large alliance will require 50 wilds of each kind to get bonuses.)
No more than 2 factions are allowed to attack a single faction at one time (disciplinary action will be taken - chancellors will be warned and removed if necessary. any ganging up will not be tolerated)
Specialized Faction Attacks (Example - all players hit one person within 10 seconds, there is a 10% bonus for the attacks)
Player Titles: Pharoah/Queen (Chancey), Vizier Commander (VC), Officer, Member, Candidate (candidate is like a junior member before promoting to full member- no current limitations to Candidate)
Unlimited number of Factions in game.

With Faction Banner:

I hope this helps.
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PostSubject: Re: curious   Thu 8 Aug - 6:59

Kk, little hopefully I will figure it out I usually quick with this stuff
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PostSubject: Re: curious   

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