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 Current Update Log

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PostSubject: Current Update Log   Fri 19 Jul - 5:28

Google Drive Working List:
FB Group:
FB Document In Group:

Update:  July 18, 2013

What:  Egypt-based KoC game (name pending: Pharaoh)
Who:  looking for testers - 25-30 per faction (changed to 100 after beta)
When:  beta launch around August 2013, but pre-Beta sign-up is being built, look for more info soon.  Beta will be 3 months long (August - November)
Where:  to be announced

Updated Cities section with screenshot of the game:

Updated Cities section with screenshot of the game:
Updated Upkeep:  If losing resources, numbers will be in red.  If producing enough or more, numbers will be green (see Resources for more info)

Updated Interactivity with Faction Banner and Personal Banner information

Updated morale desertion to 48 hours (see Activity section)
Added Mobile access (see Activity section)
Beta faction limitation raised from 20 to 25-30
Added time expectancy of beta testing
Formatted for ease of reading
Reinforcement Loss information added
Reinforcement honour information added
Layered Defense information added
Layered Defense example added
Changed Militia to Nubian Militia
Nubian Militia speed boost

Added new Faction page screenshot with addition of faction banner

Alliances changed to Faction
Name Pending:  Pharoah
Market screen shots added
Factions page screenshot added
Player titles updated
Attack examples with ideal loss
Loot order added to Attacks info
Updated morale loss to 30hours due to morale loss
Updated attack alert information regarding Chariots
Random Event examples (see Interactivity section)
Faction Banners for faction pride (see Wars)
Added Spiked Barriers, Crossbows and Trebuchets to Wall Defense
No Facebook Application
Added Natural Counter of Barriers v. Balistae
War section added with examples

Scouts (fastest)
Nubian Militia (2nd fastest)
Heavy Cavalry
Light Cavalry
Ballista (only movable siege)
Heavy Chariot
Medium Chariot (Javelin)
Light Chariot (Archer)

Wall Defense:
Onagers (think immovable catapults)
Spiked Barriers

Troop training speed will be approx 6 times the speed in KoC (about 200k HC in 14hrs with 5 cities)

Game will send out 3 alerts/triggers to defending player (Attack Incoming, etc.)
Attackers always get first strike

All troops have a natural counter
Heavy Chariot:Infantry/chariots/siege
Medium Chariot:HC/Cavs/Heavy Chariot/minor damage to infantry  
Light Chariot:infantry (pike)
Spiked Barriers:Ballistae
Heavy Cavalry:Nubian Militia

Layered Defense is vital:
kill order: Scout> Nubian Militia> Pikes> Ponies> Archers> onagers> siege
minimum of 4-6m scouts is recommended by devs for defense (scouts can repel any attack with the right numbers)
Use Nubian Militia as buffer to whittle down incoming attack
Nubian Militia will take down a scout barrier

6m scouts will wipe 100k HC, but must be prepared for 2nd wave. (if scouts are wiped, wave will hit MM and on down the line)

** Where do Chariots fit in? **
- Chariots are own troop type and should be either before or after ponies on speed

Reinforcement will show on scout reports; only amount and who, not troop type
Reinforcements will assist in city defense regardless of troops count differences.
every defended attack will end in troop loss on both sides.
Losses while reinforced will be based on percentages.  This means that if you receive reins of HC to assist your HC, you will ultimately lose less overall instead of losing reins first. (defender has 300k HC and 12x reins of 100k HC, overall loss will be 10k HC each for all; whereas if only 2 rein, each would lose 50k.  this means the more people that rein, the less everyone loses.)
Reinforcing also provides honour (reining players will receive about 2/3 of the attackers honour when reinforcing; defender gets 1/3 honour)

Note from Devs:  "they will have to flush their scouts or set the city to not defend to save them.  or rein from another city and set main to not defend wth just a few scouts, but if u send the scout right behind them you'll get the scout on them"
Scouts will be quickest like KoC

Scouting will be vital and quick.
Scout Reports will show Reinforcements number and player, but not type
Minimum 10k troop march
Minimum attack time is 3min 10 secs regardless of distance.  
Basing players is possible, but not easy and will most often require 3-4 people to accomplish  
Longest march possible is 34 minutes.
Attacks result in honor, honor is permanent
Marches can not be recalled
Resources will be looted in this order:  bronze first - then stone, then wood, then food
Incoming tower report will not list chariot type, but will list general Chariots on the alert.

** scout report example: **

Various combinations of troops will provide players with a bonus.

if u send 10k warchariots, that should decimate a large amount of scouts, as scouts are the first to engage
5k spike barriers should murder 50k HC and 75k LC

Faction banners will be used to show Faction pride!!! After war, winning alliance will own the losing faction banner for 1 week.
Valor/Honour ratios to determine winner (the ratio will balance the losses as though both alliances are the same size.  see example below)

Valor/Honour Ratio Examples:
100 of them clip ur faction for 20million might, if 20 of urs clip their faction by 7 million might.  We times ur total by 5 based on ur faction group number (100/20=5 base modifier) and u would be the winner, as technically u would have taken 35million might had u been a 100 man alliance.

Khamin Winds will mist (& move?) cities every two weeks (this stops hives and farming)
1 main city will have coordinates, optional 4 viritual cities to provide resources and training
Cities autobuild troops while offline
Large map for lots of space
All buildings will be level 1.  You can purchase an Inspiration which will turn them into an Advaced Farm, Foundry, etc.
Rally Point=90k troops, Adv, Rally=100k troops
Cities are earned through the ganing of Honor (2nd city = 2k honor, 3rd city = 5k honor, 4th city = 10k honor, 5th city must be purchased; unless your a beta tester, then it will be given free)
Screenshot of Building:
Screenshot of Main Screen:

forums addition
yellow highlight
3D city name

Food:  Farm produces 2m food (40 max)
Bronze:  Foundry produces 800k bronze per hr (40 max)
Stone:  Masons produce stone (40 max)
Pharoah's Bank:  will protect up to 50% of your resources if you choose to use it (bank will realign after 48hrs back to 50% regardless)
No raiding, Hittite Camps will house 4-5million Bronze, but will require multiple player attacks to defeat
Resource Upkeep will change from green to red when upkeep is higher than production.  Also shows hourly upkeep, usage and the difference between them.

Login is required 1x every 48 hours or face desertion due to morale loss, most will log 3-4x a day (combat with vacation or babysitting)
3-Day and 5/7-Day vacations are available in market
Inactivity for 2 weeks causes food production to cease, troops will desert. (Once logged in, food will begin production immediately)
Inactivity for 12 months will result in deletion of account.
Mobile Access can be used since it i HTML based for those that can not log in via computer web access.

Factions during Beta are limited to 25-30 players per alliance.  This max number will change to 100 players per alliance upon public launch.
Faction and Global chat  (Screenshot:
Faction will get bonuses from wilds.  The larger the alliance, the more wilds it will require to get/maintain daily bonuses.  (Large alliance will require 50 wilds of each kind to get bonuses.)
No more than 2 factions are allowed to attack a single faction at one time (disciplinary action will be taken - chancellors will be warned and removed if necessary. any ganging up will not be tolerated)
Specialized Faction Attacks (Example - all players hit one person within 10 seconds, there is a 10% bonus for the attacks)
Player Titles:  Pharoah/Queen (Chancey), Vizier Commander (VC), Officer, Member, Candidate (candidate is like a junior member before promoting to full member- no current limitations to Candidate)
Unlimited number of Factions in game.

With Faction Banner:

New ideas and suggestions are welcome.  If implemented the player will get a reward for their suggestion.  Examples may include 1k Stones (Gems) for game play implementation or 100-500 stones for new market item.  (please know that the previous is a possible example, not an exact "promise" of what will be rewarded.)
Tourney:  monthly.  If you place in the top 5, you can not enter the next 5 tourneys. 10 players will randomly recieve 250 stones just for entering.
Gifting:  Troops - larger alliances will be able to gift, but will gift a lower quanity of troops than a smaller alliance.
Giveaways:  Christmas = 5-Day Vacation, Labor Day = 3-Day Vacation and many many more.
Newsfeed that is consistently updated with diplomacy status, random drops, etc. (Ex:  Koa is at war with Stygian Abyss)
"GameAdmin" will visit alliances to stay connected to the players, gather ideas and make sure things are running smoothly
Random Drops:  1 million bronze will be dropped into an offline account of a top alliance.  The alliance will be announced on the newsfeed to encourage scouts and attacks.
Accounts:  2 logins from the same ip (unless otherwise approved)
Trading with Pharaoh:  you can trade for certain items in the shop but they will be expensive (lots of food etc.) so you can basically go pillage and trade for items  
Faction Banners will be hosted for each faction and will be "confiscated" upon war win by the winning faction.   Faction Banners are to be 500x200 pixels.
Personal Banners can be hosted for personal individuality (and make the page pretty).  Personal Banner size is 620x220 pixels.

Random Events Examples:
for the next 24hours everyone has +50% load on their wagons
newsfeed** all chariots have been affected by the dreaded borer beetle - all chariot armies affected, -20% defence for the next 24hours (so people with large foot armies can now decimate the chariots)

Game will be HTML based.
All aspects of game will be in separate windows that can be moved and resized.  
Game will remember how you have it set so you won't have to reset everytime you login.

Items cost real money, but are not required to stay competative
Items are purchased by purchasing Stones (like Gems), then buying the time.
Contains items that provide attacking bonuses ($95 USD to purchase all cities without having to gain honor)
5th City can be purchased for 350 stone ($35 USD)
Testers will have free access to all shop items during beta (anyone who is in the beta, will get like 500 portals of each, 3-5 vacations, free 5 cities, etc, virtually a free shop for 3 months after that, shop items may be stripped, but will be replaced with various other items - possible stones, portals, etc.)


MARKET ITEMS: (preview:
Uraeus of Command:  increase attack to 125k max
3-Day Vacation & 5-Day Vacation
Ports: 30 Stones and 50 Stones
Wadgets Protection (Dove of Peace):  24hrs of peace
Star of the Nile:  Speed Boost - On all your return marches they return 75% quicker for the next 7 days
Pharaoh's Bank of Egypt:  Open an account with Pharaoh and bank up to 50% of your resource (the bank will reset after 48hrs always maintaining 50% of your resource as only available to you if attacked)
Sekhmet Goddess of War: marches gain 25% for the next 24 hour[/i]
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Posts : 68
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PostSubject: Re: Current Update Log   Thu 8 Aug - 5:01


fixed the right click for mouse on map
new right click menus inserted
map and city bugs fixed, what we found so far
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Posts : 68
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Location : Upper Egypt

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PostSubject: Re: Current Update Log   Wed 21 Aug - 1:00

Logging it and registration is possible.

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PostSubject: Re: Current Update Log   

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Current Update Log
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